Professional Epoxy Pipe Coating in Taunton, MA, and South Shore

If you have a leaking pipe, cracked sewer corroded cast iron or you suspect there are roots in your sewer line, contact the pros at TID Trenchless to repair it. Rather than allowing a less experienced plumber to do the job and dig massive trenches across your yard, turn to us for reliable and affordable trenchless solutions. At TID Trenchless, we provide professional epoxy pipe coating, a reliable, semi-structural non-invasive pipe repair technique that is fast and prioritizes efficiency and convenience. Give us a call to learn more about our epoxy pipe coating service in Taunton, MA, and the bordering regions.

Our Epoxy Pipe Coating Process

Here are the critical steps our team follows during the epoxy pipe Coating process:

Step 1: Inspecting the Pipes

The first thing our plumbers will do is inspect your sewer and drain lines to identify the issue and check the condition of your pipes. If our experts believe that your pipes are suitable for epoxy pipe coating, we will proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Cleaning the Pipe

Second, we will clean the pipe with our powerful hydro jetters and specially designed high speed milling machines. Hydro jetting not only helps to clear any clogs, including roots in sewer lines, but also restores the original diameter of your pipe.

Step 3: The Actual Coating Process Begins

Once the pipe is dry and no water is present in the line we begin the epoxy coating process. This is done by using a specifically designed epoxy pump which delivers the epoxy to the end of pipe. With the use of high speed brushes the epoxy is applied to the pipe in several coats. Once the epoxy is cured it provides a non-corrosive, monolithic semi-structural repair that is corrosion and wear resistant.

Step 4: Final Inspection

Our team will do a final inspection with a camera to ensure everything is working smoothly the way it is supposed to.

The Top 3 Benefits of Epoxy Pipe Coating

  •         It’s Cost-Effective

When compared to traditional pipe repair techniques, epoxy pipe coating can save homeowners 30–40% on repair costs. It takes less time to complete the project, which means that the cost of labor will also go down. Epoxy pipe coating is a great option for leaking or damaged pool lines, apartments, hotels, factories and homes. Epoxy coating allows us to repair pipes as small as 1 ¼” in cast iron, PVC, concrete and clay.

  •         Long-Lasting Pipes

The epoxy material used for trenchless applications is incredibly durable. It is also resistant to chemicals and almost impossible to break through when it comes to corrosion, root intrusion, and other common problems that cause different types of piping to work differently. Our epoxy coating system is ASTM approved, NSF 61 approved (potable water mains) & WRC approved for wastewater application.  Epoxy pipe coating is designed to last up to 50 years and is a simple, fast and practical solution for repairing drains, sewer, and water and pool lines.

  •         Restores and Improves Flow

When epoxy is used to line a pipe, it makes the pipe smoother; stops root intrusion and seals leaking joints or cracks which allow more water flow through. Additionally, calcification deposits cannot stick to the epoxy-lined pipe, which helps prevent future blockages caused by grease or heavy scale deposits.

Epoxy Pipe Coating:  FAQs

What is Epoxy Pipe Coating?

It is a method for repairing damaged sewer, water or pool pipes without digging trenches. It involves putting a new pipe inside an old pipe system to make it work again. Epoxy pipe Coating is a more affordable alternative to traditional pipe restoration techniques.

When is a plumber likely to recommend pipe coating?

There are many instances when our plumbers might recommend pipe coating. However, one of the major uses of this coating system is repairing leaking underground pool lines and smaller diameter sewer lines for commercial buildings and apartments.

What is the cost of epoxy pipe coating?

The cost of epoxy pipe coating depends on a number of things, like the condition of the pipe, how easy it is to get to, how much cleaning needs to be done before the coating, and how easy it is to get to. Call our team for an estimate.

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